1. WY Voter Registration Deadline is Oct 20, 14 days before election day Nov 3, 2020.

  2. Stage 3 -- No excuse required to vote by mail. Primary was 100 % vote by mail.

  3. No online registration available.

2020-01-08_16-00-32 Wyoming map.png

Voter Issues


• Wyoming: The Wyoming Republican Party has passed a resolution calling on lawmakers to pass legislation to end no-excuse absentee voting, mail ballot drop boxes, curbside voting, and the ability to register to vote by mail or online. Republicans are at their most dominant position in the legislature in over a century following the 2020 elections, so there's a good chance that some or all of these provisions will ultimately become law.

MARCH 2020


• Wyoming: Wyoming Democrats, who had previously canceled in-person voting for their April 4 presidential caucus, have now moved to an entirely vote-by-mail election. This means that voters will no longer be able to drop off ballots in person. In addition, the deadline by which ballots must be received has been extended to April 17 (previously, ballots had to be postmarked by March 20).



Wyoming: An amendment to add a voter ID requirement to a bill containing other election law changes failed in a 15-15 deadlock in Wyoming's state Senate, which is composed almost entirely of Republicans. Last year, Republicans failed to pass one in the state House by just a single vote despite holding an overwhelming majority of seats in the lower chamber as well, leaving Wyoming as one of the very few Republican-run states that has yet to pass a voter ID law.