learn today . . .

  1. Sign up for -- , and read, newsletters from Daily Kos -- Morning Digest, Voting Rights Roundup, and International Digest.

  2. Read --  newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  3. Practice talking points -- on someone. Every contact we make with any voter makes a difference. Repetition of the same talking points will help you memorize them.

  4. Would like to link an article here about voters or candidates

do today  . . .

  1. Contribute your time --  to doing something to support an organization that is on the front lines of fighting for fair elections in the US.

  2. Donate money --  to organizations or candidates (not everyday but a lot of days!). Recall that small donations of even $ 5.00 make a difference to candidates in terms of financial support and moral support for their efforts. Also helps their "counts".

  3. Write something,  -- to the editor, postcards to Democrats in battleground states, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram whatever you subscribe to. "Like" and amplify messages.