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Voter Issues

MAY 2020


• Pennsylvania: Citing their inability to recruit a sufficient number of poll workers, officials in Pennsylvania's largest county of Philadelphia have asked the state for permission to cut the number of polling places they will operate for the June 2 primary by more than the 60% allowed under the new state law that postponed the primary from April 28. Otherwise, the county is asking for the National Guard to be deployed to help staff them. Allegheny County, which is Pennsylvania's second-largest county and home to Pittsburgh, has similarly asked the state for permission to cut its polling places by up to 90% as the county undertakes a plan to mail applications for mail ballots to all voters.

APRIL 2020

• Pennsylvania: Democrats have filed a lawsuit in state court seeking to require that Pennsylvania prepay the postage for all mail-in ballots, count ballots if they are postmarked by Election Day instead of only if they're received by Election Day, give voters a chance to correct problems with their ballot signature, and let third-party groups collect and return mail ballots. Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is encouraging all registered voters to apply for mail-in ballots for the June primary and has sent out postcards with relevant information.

MARCH 2020


• Pennsylvania: The NAACP has filed a lawsuit in state court to end prison gerrymandering in Pennsylvania and require the state to count incarcerated people for redistricting purposes at their last address, arguing that the practice dilutes the power of certain groups of voters in violation of the state constitution's guarantee that "[e]lections shall be free and equal." If the plaintiffs prevail, ending prison gerrymandering would likely shift representation at the legislative and local levels from whiter rural communities to urban communities of color such as Philadelphia.

The constitutional provision plaintiffs are relying on is the same one that the state Supreme Court used to strike down Republicans' congressional gerrymander in 2018. The NAACP is also simultaneously waging a lawsuit in federal court over prison gerrymandering in Connecticut.

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