1. OR Voter Registration Deadlines is Oct 19, 21 days before Nov 3, 2020.

  2. Stage 5 -- 100% vote by mail
  3. Online registration available.

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Voter Issues



Peter DeFazio won

Kurt Schraeder won

Alex Spenser lost



• Oregon: Oregon election officials have issued advice on how to vote for those displaced by the recent wildfires that have ravaged the states. Most importantly, voters have until Oct. 13 to designate a temporary address at which they will be sent a mail ballot.


• Oregon: The Supreme Court has stayed a federal district court ruling that had significantly eased signature requirements for a ballot initiative to establish an independent redistricting commission, likely killing the measure for 2020.

Reform proponents turned in only 64,000 unverified signatures, far short of the nearly 150,000 signatures necessary for the measure to appear on November's ballot. The district court's ruling, however, ordered the state to either accept what proponents had submitted or lower the required number to roughly 59,000 verified signatures and extend the deadline to submit them to Aug. 17, the latter of which GOP Secretary of State Bev Clarno did.

With the stay in place, the case over the merits goes back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which had refused to block the district court's order. However, it's unclear whether there will be a ruling in time to place the measure on November's ballot. But even if reformers prevail at the 9th Circuit again, there's no guarantee that the Supreme Court won't simply step in again to block the ruling. In fact, the high court's conservative majority has blocked almost every lower court ruling since the start of the pandemic that has either eased voting or ballot access.


• Oregon: Democratic state Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has asked the Supreme Court to block a lower court ruling that ordered state officials to lower the number of signatures required and extend the deadline to submit them for a ballot initiative that would create an independent redistricting commission. Federal courts in other states have generally ruled against relaxing the requirements for measures to get on the ballot, and there's a strong risk that the Supreme Court will block the ruling (see our Idaho item just above).

JULY 2020

Oregon: Redistricting reformers announced on Wednesday that they had failed to obtain enough signatures by the July 2 deadline to put an initiative on the November ballot that would establish an independent redistricting commission. However, their campaign isn't over just yet thanks to a lawsuit that organizers filed in federal court shortly ahead of the deadline. The plaintiffs are asking the court to lower the number of signatures needed, which is currently about 150,000, and for an extension of the deadline to submit them.

Reformers did not reveal how many signatures they had already submitted to the state, only saying it was in the "tens of thousands." It's unclear whether they will be able to meet the requirements if only one or the other of their two requests are granted and not both, since they lack the ability to obtain signatures electronically and instead have to direct supporters to an online form that must be printed out and mailed in to officials.

America's First Automatic Voter Registration

Passed in 2015 -- We led the effort to pass Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) at the DMV in 2015, and over 400,000 Oregonians have been registered to vote since then. Because of our work, we have helped make Oregon the #1 most accessible state to vote in, with 90.2% of voters eligible registered to vote. We want to do better, so we’re working to expand AVR to even more state agencies. We won’t stop until every eligible Oregonian has the opportunity to register to vote.