Obama's 2020 Endorsements

Kara Eastman, U.S. House, NE-02

Voter Issues


  1. NB Voter Registration Deadlines vary. 11 to 18 days before Nov 3, 2020.

  2. Stage 3 -- No excuse is required to vote by mail
  3. Online registration available


  1.  Act Blue Directory 

  2. -- Everything about ever state

  3. -- Help local, state orgs get out the vote

  4. -- Vets against voter suppression

  5. -- Most popular way to volunteer to support getting out the vote

  6. -- Adopt a State


MARCH 2020

• Nebraska: Republican Secretary of State Bob Evnen now says that all Nebraska voters will be sent an absentee ballot application ahead of the state's May 12 presidential and downballot primaries; previously, only some counties were planning to do so.


• Arkansas, Nebraska: Redistricting reformers have filed initiatives in Arkansas and Nebraska that would set up independent redistricting commissions for congressional and legislative map-drawing in each state, with the goal of getting on the November ballot. If these measures pass, they would prevent Republicans from gerrymandering after 2020.