Christina Hale for Representative

MARCH 2020

• Indiana: Indiana's bipartisan Election Commission has unanimously waived the state's requirement that voters who wish to vote absentee in June's presidential and downballot primaries provide an excuse in order to do so.



• Indiana: Republicans in the state Senate and in a state House committee have passed a bill to revive a highly flawed method for purging voter registrations following two federal court rulings that blocked the system they had previously been using. The bill would create a state-run version of the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck, which was championed by Kansas' former Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach and had an astronomically high rate of false positives when trying to find voters who were supposedly registered in multiple states improperly.

Kobach and the GOP had used these almost entirely false matches to purge voters without notifying them—and to gin up support for new voting restrictions. However, a defeat in court last year led to the program's suspension. If, though, Indiana's new bill passes, Republicans could once more remove voters from the rolls without notifying them, which opponents have denounced as a violation of federal law and implied will face future litigation. Republicans dominate state government, meaning this bill could soon become law.

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