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Incumbent -- Collin Peterson for Representative

APRIL 2020

• Minnesota: On Tuesday, Democratic state senators proposed automatically sending all registered voters a ballot for this year's elections, but the chamber’s GOP majority quickly came out in opposition to the plan. Instead, Republican state Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, who chairs the upper house’s Elections Committee, would only support expanding the state's existing no-excuse absentee mail voting option.

• Minnesota: Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon has introduced legislation under which every Minnesota voter would automatically receive a mail-in ballot for the state's Aug. 11 down-ballot primaries and the November general election. Voters would be required to have someone witness their ballots. However, Republicans immediately expressed their opposition, meaning it's likely dead on arrival in the GOP-run state Senate.

MARCH 2020

• Minnesota: Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon says that Minnesota is considering the possibility of conducting all voting by mail for its "2020 statewide elections," which presumably would include both the state's Aug. 11 downballot primaries and the November general election. As an alternative, Simon says officials may encourage voters to cast absentee ballots, a method that almost a quarter of the state used in 2018.


• Minnesota: A state court judge has rejected a request by a conservative group to intervene in a lawsuit to defend Minnesota's ban on voting by people on parole or probation. The ACLU filed a challenge to this law last year; if it's successful, only people currently still incarcerated would remain unable to vote.

Conservative opponents of the lawsuit have accused Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon and state Attorney General Keith Ellison of refusing to mount the most vigorous defense of the law possible. Democratic appointees hold a 5-2 majority on Minnesota's Supreme Court, and while that's no guarantee of success, it means there's a decent chance the ACLU will prevail if the case ultimately reaches the high court.



• Minnesota: National Democratic Party organizations have filed a lawsuit in state court challenging Minnesota's restrictions on who can assist voters with completing or submitting their absentee ballots. State law prohibits a person from aiding more than three voters with these tasks, which Democrats argue is a violation of both the state constitution and federal law.

Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon warned a state House committee earlier this month that these restrictions were likely to get struck down if they weren't repealed. With Democratic appointees holding a majority on Minnesota's Supreme Court, there's a good likelihood that he'll be proven right if the case proceeds that far.

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