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Who should I donate to, to help in Michigan?

1) Example of organization within Michigan, a "battleground" state, that has been effective and will likely continue through 2020 registering people to vote and more. See recent success.

Started by young people which makes this a double hit -- young people and gerrymandering.

Voters Not Politicians

Voter Suppression Efforts in Michigan



Detroit, MI: A conservative outfit headed by Christian Adams, a former member of Trump's bogus voter fraud commission and one of the country's leading voter suppression activists, has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to require Detroit, Michigan to remove thousands of voters from its rolls whom plaintiffs claim are dead, duplicate, or are no longer eligible to vote. Detroit is the most heavily black major city in America, and low turnout there played a key role in Donald Trump narrowly winning Michigan in 2016.

Adams has long tried to bully local governments into aggressively purging their voting rolls by launching frivolous lawsuits, with his intent being to kick eligible voters who tend to vote for Democrats off the rolls. Adams’ organization for years largely targeted rural counties with sizable black populations, and those underfunded localities often lacked the resources to fight expensive legal battles, preferring instead to settle and avoid the costs of a trial.

However, when Adams tried this scheme in Florida's far more populous Broward County, county officials fought back and prevailed at trial. Adams had argued the county failed to maintain accurate registration rolls because there were ostensibly more registered voters than eligible voters, but election experts testified he was misusing outdated census information and cherry-picked registration statistics that exaggerated the results. The court agreed, calling Adams' supposed evidence "misleading," and Adams' loss of credibility in that defeat could undermine his latest effort.

• Kansas: Kansas Republicans have agreed to settle a federal lawsuit whereby they will shut down the Interstate Crosscheck program for "the foreseeable future" after its security flaws were exposed.

Crosscheck was championed by former GOP Secretary of State Kris Kobach, ostensibly to find voters who are improperly registered in multiple states. But as multiple analyses have previously shown, Crosscheck's intentionally shoddy design led to a sky-high number of false positives that voter suppression zealots like Kobach blithely used as supposed evidence of widespread voter fraud so they could legitimize new voting restrictions.

Consequently, the system will remain inoperative and won't be used to wrongly purge eligible voters' registrations for the time being. Kansas officials have previously indicated they could use $2 million in federal funds to use an alternative database called the Electronic Registration Information Center, which is a bipartisan system for maintaining accurate voting rolls and is used in a number of states.