1. DE Voter Registration Deadline is Oct 24, 10 days before Nov 3, 2020.

  2. Stage 2 -- Excuse required with age waiver

  3. Online registration available

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Voter Issues


• Delaware: A Delaware state court has rejected a suit requesting that ballots postmarked by Election Day and received within 10 days be counted. Separately, voting rights advocates have filed a suit in state court asking that voters who have been displaced from their homes because of the pandemic be allowed to receive ballots electronically and return them by printing them out and mailing them in.


• Delaware: A state judge has ruled against a Republican lawsuit seeking to block Delaware's decision to conduct the November elections largely by mail.



• Delaware: Republicans have filed a lawsuit in state court seeking to overturn a new law passed by Democratic lawmakers earlier this year that loosened Delaware's excuse requirement to enable everyone to vote by mail this November due to the pandemic. The law also directed officials to mail an application for an absentee mail ballot to all voters in the Sept. 15 downballot primary and November general election.


• Delaware: Democratic Gov. John Carney has issued an order allowing all voters in the June primary to request an absentee ballot (Delaware is one of 17 states that requires an excuse to vote absentee).


• Delaware: Delaware's Democratic-majority state Senate has passed a constitutional amendment with a few Republicans voting in favor of removing the excuse requirement to cast an absentee ballot starting with the 2022 elections. The state House, which is also controlled by Democrats, almost unanimously approved the amendment last year only to see it fail to attain the two-thirds support needed to clear the Senate. However, senators were able to muster exactly the two-thirds supermajority they needed to pass it this year after a key Republican reversed his opposition.

Lawmakers would need to pass the amendment with two-thirds supermajorities again after the 2020 elections for it to take effect. The measure would not go before voters: Delaware is the only state in the country that doesn't require a voter referendum to amend its constitution.