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AS OF 2019

  • The president  lies daily, and constantly, about everything issues large and small.

  • It is estimated that he has told over 13,000 lies as of October 2019. it is challenging to count the lies as he tells  the same one over and over and makes minor variations.

  • The number of lies per day, over 13 per day, is increasing.

  • When the daily lying is of this magnitude, nothing said can be trusted even though he must tell the truth some of the time.

  • Republicans lie with him and for him, misleading the public.

  •  “Whataboutism” and/or distraction helps mislead.

  • The president also insults, name-calls, discredits, humiliates, blames

  • The "entertainment" side of FOX news amplifies lies and conspiracy theories

  • The conspiracy theories from the far right, white nationalists are pervasive and integrated into the mainstream now, misleading the public.