1. ID Voter Registration Deadline is Oct 9, 25 days before Nov 3, 2020.

  2. Stage 3 -- No excuse required to vote by mail
  3. Online registration available

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Voter Issues



Idaho, Michigan: The Supreme Court has stayed a lower court ruling that had ordered Idaho officials to allow proponents of an education-funding initiative to gather signatures electronically in an effort to get onto November's ballot. This ruling is the first of the pandemic to see the Supreme Court  weigh in on a case involving the loosening of rules for ballot measure access, and it's an indication that the justices are likely to block similar rulings in other states where proponents are trying to place electoral reforms on the ballot.


APRIL 2020


• Idaho: Republican Gov. Brad Little has rejected a request by Secretary of State Lawerence Denney to move Idaho's downballot primary from May 19 to June 16 or later and instead has decided to conduct the primary entirely by mail. However, Little did not indicate that the state would mail absentee ballots or ballot applications to voters; he only promised he would work with election officials "to refine the absentee voting process for these unique circumstances."

It's also unclear whether the state will provide any in-person voting options for the many voters who are not able to participate by mail. Without such options, Idaho could leave itself vulnerable to a lawsuit.

MARCH 2020


• Idaho: Republican Secretary of State Lawrence Denney's office has announced that voters may now request absentee mail ballots online after Democrats had called on the state to give voters this option as an alternative to mailing in their requests.