2019-08-25_12-50-17 healthcare spending


AS OF 2019

  • Republican budget of July 2019 offered $ 537 B cuts to Medicare and $1.5 T cuts to Medicaid and other health programs. If you, or your family, rely on either of these programs, your resources will be cut.

  • What would you lose if Obamacare went away?

    • Ensuring children up to age 26

    • Refusal to insure any pre-existing condition, as defined by insurance company. Could range from have high cholesterol readings to cancer and other serious health problems.

    • Mandatory preventive care that is helping all of us

    • Access to health insurance for 14 million Americans would go away

    • DOJ is supporting the elimination of the ACA in states that brought suit. The result would be chaos and would have a huge impact on private insurance, which insures 158 million Americans

  • U.S. health care spending increased 3.9 percent to reach $3.5 trillion, or $10,739 per person in 2017

  • Americans on average continue to spend much more for health care—while getting less care—than people in other developed countries -- the chief reason is not greater health care utilization, according to a study from a team led by a team from  Johns Hopkins.