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AS OF 2019


  • Impeachment over Ukraine issues -- Trump withheld Congress-approved aid to Ukraine until the president agreed to publicly announce he would investigate the 2016 elections and Hunter Biden.

  • Withholding US aid to Ukraine and the subsequent scandal has weakened Ukraine in their war with Russia and given Russia the upper hand in their goal to annex Ukraine just as they did when they "took" Crimea. This violates international agreements regarding respecting sovereign borders.

  • Proven Russian Interference by Homeland Security Report and the Mueller report -- 2016 election continuing through the 2020 election

    • Refusal to respond to report of Russian interference or need for the US to prepare

  • Trade War leading to global economic slow down and fueling recession fears in US

  • Lost trust of Allies – respect worldwide is gone, not trusted by Western Europe, Australia, Canada and more

  • Praise and subservience for authoritarian governments and right wing  --  South Korea, Poland, Hungary, Boris Johnson and Brexit, Russia, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia – including support for man who brutally killed a journalist

  • Refusal to defend American tradition as the leading democracy and American values

  • Refusal to honor the agreements of America and made America decidedly less safe, threatening US national security.

  • Unexpected pull out of Syria, abandoning our allies the Kurds, humiliating our military, greenlighting Turkish aggression and handing the region over to Russian influence
  • Acceptance of murder by Saudi Arabian ruler. Selling arms to them that are being used in Yemen. Who knows what else.

  • NATO, United Nations, Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal, Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia (Russia just had a nuclear problem likely from testing nuclear bombs)