2019-11-17_17-01-06 conflict of interest

AS OF 2019

  • Impeachment proceedings  as a result of Trump pressuring the Ukraine to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden, putting personal gain above the national security of the country

  • Mueller report findings on obstruction of justice, assumed that the president could not be indicted but did leave a strong case for prosecution after he leaves office. Much of the report is redacted and there are outstanding cases still open

  • Trump’s continuing suspicious defense of Russia – most recent is idea of inviting Russia back into the G-7 and pulling military our of Syria to the immense benefit of Russia

  • Hiring/appointing industry lobbyists, people without expertise or competence.

  • Hiring politicians who are hostile to the mission of the Federal agencies they are leading

  • Not holding press conferences, just tweets. How do the American people know what our government is doing?

  • Freezing Federal information and public comments

    • Forest service, scientific databases, census and more. There is slow steady erosion of the quantity and quality of information. The administration has interfered with reporting and engaged in “gag” orders

  • Belittling and trying to diminish our trust in, and respect for, our American institutions and agencies -- CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Federal Elections Committee, Ethics Committee

  • Supported by dark money, a secret source of money – Follow the Money website reports all the financial disclosure information.