"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." Dwight D. Eisenhower


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There are a number of states that are described as "purple" indicating that while they may have been "red" in the past, they might be trending "blue" currently. All of the articles are speculation but they make for good reading. They also provide a priority  for us for both making donations to candidates and supporting "getting out the vote" efforts.

Some of the most complete, most accurate, up-to-date, non-partisan information about voting and candidates is Ballotpedia. The definition of "purple" is not consistent. Some of the battleground states are purple. It seems a better idea to memorize the states to be concerned with and then watch what happens.


Getting out the vote isn't enough. They are "battleground" states because these are the only ones that "mattered" in deciding the 2020 election. We need to figure out how to make the presidential election fair in each one of these states. Voters in these states decide the fate of the entire US, and worldwide democracy. "One person, one vote" is a fiction. Small states and rural voters have three times the electoral impact as people in cities and populous states.

Final 2020 Presidential Election Map

  1. Nevada -- flipped Democrat

  2. Colorado -- flipped Democrat

  3. New Mexico -- flipped Democrat

  4. Iowa -- remained Republican

  5. Wisconsin -- One of the four to six "deciding" states -- Flipped Democrat

  6. Michigan-- One of the four to six "deciding" states -- Flipped Democrat

  7. Indiana -- remained Republican

  8. Ohio -- remained Republican

  9. Pennsylvania-- One of the four to six "deciding" states -- Flipped Democrat

  10. New Hampshire -- flipped Democrat

  11. Florida-- One of the four "deciding" states -- Remained Republican

  12. North Carolina -- remained Republican

  13. Virginia -- remained Democrat

  14. Georgia -- flipped Democrat

2021-01-10_16-00-27 final 2020 election.
2021-01-10_16-00-27 final 2020 election.

Biden got 81+ million votes vs. 74+ million votes for Trump. Electoral college tally was 306 vs. 232.