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Get Out the Vote in Arizona

Voter Suppression Efforts in Arizona



• Arizona: Republican state Attorney General Mark Brnovich has asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to stay its recent ruling on absentee ballot collection and out-of-precinct voting while Republicans appeal to the Supreme Court. The 9th Circuit recently struck down a GOP-backed law that restricted who could turn in another person's absentee mail ballot and prevented votes from counting if a voter showed up at the wrong polling place but in the right county, with the court ruling that the law intentionally discriminated against Native American, Latino, and black voters.




Arizona: Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has settled a lawsuit that will make it much easier for Arizonans to keep their registration up-to-date. The agreement provides that the state Department of Transportation will automatically update a voter's registration when they update their address during driver's license transactions. Voting advocates had previously filed a lawsuit arguing that Hobbs' GOP predecessor was violating federal law by refusing to update these registrations, but Hobbs' 2018 election win paved the way for this settlement.


• Arizona: Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and state Attorney General Mark Brnovich have overridden a policy change implemented by Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, removing Hobbs' language from the state Elections Procedures Manual that had directed election officials to give voters who don't sign their absentee mail ballots several days to "cure" the problem after Election Day.

This change undermines a legal settlement between Hobbs' office and the Navajo Nation, which had sued in 2018 to ensure its members—and voters statewide—would have the chance to fix problems with a missing signature. As a result, the Navajo Nation is threatening further litigation.