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12 Month Campaign to Donate, Donate, Donate!

Registered Voters Fall 2019

OK Boomers . . . For just one year, 12 short months . .


Over the next 12 months, including this November, donate to one or more of the following groups who are taking action so WE can leave a free and democratic country to our children and grandchildren.

Use the monthly option on ACT BLUE or put it on auto pay in your bank.


Pick 1 or all 5 of these organizations or pick your own!

  1. One that takes legal action and sues, Trump breaks the law all the time -- The ACLU has taken significant legal action from the beginning

  2. One that fights gerrymandering -- NDRC National Democratic Redistricting Committee or local efforts in gerrymandered states

  3. One that supports candidates -- Emily's List supports women candidates up and down the ballot, especially women new to politics

  4. One local organization that focuses on "get out the vote" -- Next UP (The Bus Project) works in Oregon to reach young people to register them to vote.

  5. DNC Democratic National Committee -- Tom Perez is leading us to wins throughout the US. Whatever "beef" we may have with the party, we are winning.




Let's end the Trump presidency together

This is what I hear from my fellow Boomer voters . .

  • We don't know which candidate to donate to

  • We don't know enough facts about issues. There is too much!

  • We don't know how to talk to the "other side"

  • We don't know what news to trust

  • We don't know which organizations are effective

  • What can we do to be most effective with what we have to give of our time, connections and resources

  • And . . . most often . . . Just tell me what to do!!!

So . . . I am going to take you, my fellow Boomer voters, at your word.

  • Talking with respect for others works

  • Using facts, supported by numbers, works

  • We can cover all the "kitchen table" issues

Learn more

  • Four to six state "count" -- Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona

  • Gerrymandering has distorted our election and voting results by skewing the electoral college votes

Learn more

  • Candidates need our support now, 12 months before the November 2020 election.

Learn more

  • We have a big problem.

  • Connect with Common Cause to see what you can do in your state

Learn more

  • The flood of lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories present a serious threat to democracy.

  • Speak out.  Amplify your voice on social media and everywhere

Learn more



Be a patriot.

Put country over party.

Don't worry about "socialism" or any of the other fear-inducing phrases.


First, we need to remove Trump, remove corruption, his executive orders and his Cabinet people, who are hostile to the mission of the agency they are responsible for, in 2020. Then we can deal with the issues in a "representative", democratic way in 2021.  Healthcare, climate change all within a still-vibrant economy.


Ignore all the emails you get from candidates. You pick your own candidates.


Put a sign in your yard. You may be reluctant but clearly the repetition works and has a huge impact on people driving by.

Practice talking points with everyone. Inserting numbers into the discussion makes them much more powerful. Our opinions are usually fine, they just need a little boost.


  • Repeat the facts -- Retweet, Facebook, whatever you can do

  • Host a party, or discussion group, to support something.

  • Join a campaign or organization and do their work

  • Volunteer to knock on doors to get out the vote

  • Volunteer to make calls -- I think you can make calls from home now

  • Volunteer to work with young voters


I once knew a video editor that was blazingly fast. How did he do it? He said "I just find the first "good enough" shot, not necessarily the only good shot or the best shot." These organizations are "good enough",

Remember this is for one year only -- 2020

Organizations need money now to hire people, get campaign up and running, take legal action, create media materials, buy ads and more. They need the money now, not a few days before the election. Try these or find your own.



Find individual candidates you like and help them get going. Recommendations for specific candidates to come


Try long shots for fun -- the woman pilot in Kentucky who is challenging Mitch McConnell.

Plan is to update the blog daily with the most relevant articles about voting, gerrymandering and digital disinformation.  Today . . .

Republicans Tried to Rig the Vote in Michigan – But ‘Political Novices’ Just Defeated Them




What would you like to know.

I have literally hundreds of graphs, charts, reports, and data from a huge variety of mainstream sources, journalists, newspapers and highly reputable organizations, both partisan and non-partisan.

I have studied extensively for over three years, and archived, in order to create the Rooster Today website, which has informed the talking points offered on this site. 


And . . . I have a database of hundreds of political organizations, think tanks and non-profits.

ASK ME ANYTHING!                          USE ANYTHING!


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