and find out if you are registered to vote.


Help staff your local polling place

America is facing a record shortage of poll workers this year due to the coronavirus. Our democracy depends on ordinary people who make sure elections run smoothly and everyone's vote is counted. You can make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all.

Poll workers get:

Help your community and sign up to Power the Polls!

Go to, or, if you are reading this in the dead-tree edition, type into your browser, spend 30 seconds entering your name, address and date of birth, and you’ll find out instantly if your voter registration is current. If not, follow the instructions to register.

Next, click this link or type into your browser, and sign yourself up to receive an absentee ballot for the November election. That takes about two minutes.

Finally, make sure your friends and family do the same. If they’re technology-challenged, help them through it or give them the phone numbers for their states’ elections offices, available here at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission,

Obama's first wave of 2020 endorsements are in! Click here to get a copy.


"Online, there are no state lines"

As I have collected this voting information, I have had two experiences. First extreme anger at the efforts made to suppress voting in America but second . . . I have grown to love each state. We are a wonderful country. Let's help our neighbors.

1) Adopt a state that you love, went to school there, love their teams, love to vacation there or maybe even fell in love there.

2) Go to the 50 state page and read about the voter suppression efforts and meet the candidates for Senate and the House.

3) Go to the link for your adopted state to learn about voting, especially the voter registration deadline.

4) Donate and volunteer for national organizations that are getting out the vote.

5) Go to page and find a local, "get out the vote" organization where you can donate or volunteer. Often these groups represent disenfranchised groups or groups that are not typical voters.


6) Donate to candidates and organizations that are getting out the vote. Money well spent.

To all you Boomers . . . These are young-ish people over to the right.


Here is a link to my Spotify 60-70s playlist


to remind you of what it was like to be young . . . hear all  the old protest songs while you get out the vote.

Pod Save  America's Adopt a State Program -- Adopt A State lets you directly support the work of organizers, volunteers, and candidates in the six key battleground states that will be most important to winning a progressive majority in 2020: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina or Adopt a State by Zodiac Sign

At least 76% of American voters can cast ballots by mail in the fall -- Washington Post in July 2020