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12 Month Campaign to Give, Donate, Give!

Let's end the Trump presidency together!

Every day, until November of 2020, let's do everything WE can to defeat Trump so WE can leave a clean environment and a free, prosperous, honest, democratic nation to our children and grandchildren.

January 16 -- Today in the News . . .

Vote Forward -- Letter writing to voters Vote Forward is shifting focus to a new effort, a set of campaigns designed to accumulate a very large volume of “Please Vote!” letters to be sent on October 27th, 2020. We are continuing to host experimental voter registration efforts as well, and will be adding these periodically, but our primary emphasis in the months ahead is on kick starting our 2020 get-out-the-vote project. Also see Active State Campaigns.

Republicans are engaged in legislation and other voter/voting changes that would make it more difficult to vote. Go to Vote.org to check your own status and more.  Go to individual state pages, links at bottom of pages, to find out what Republicans are doing to suppress votes and how you can support state organizations that are "getting out the vote." Give and donate.!


  • Up and down the ballot, in every state, candidates need our support now, long before the November 2020 election.

  • How to talk about issues respectfully

  • Using facts, supported by numbers, works

  • We can cover all the "kitchen table" issues very well

  • Four to six states "count" -- Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona. We need a Democrat that can defeat Trump in these six states

  • Individual state pages with links to good candidates and information about getting the vote out. Let's donate and work to support them.


  • Gerrymandering and voter suppression has distorted our election and voting results by skewing the electoral college votes

  • Efforts to keep people from voting are being promoted heavily in state legislatures

  • We have a big problem and it is destined to get much worse in the coming months

  • Connect with Common Cause to see what you can do in your state





What would you like to know?

To support the talking points, we have literally hundreds of graphs, charts, reports, and data from a huge variety of mainstream sources, journalists, newspapers and highly reputable organizations, both partisan and non-partisan.

For over three years, we have curated and archived thousands of articles, in order to create the Rooster Today website.


And . . . we have a database of hundreds of political organizations, think tanks and non-profits.

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